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Goth Grown Up

because it's not just a phase

Goth Grown Up - Because it's not just a phase
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Gothic fashion for people with responsibilities
This community was inspired by this post at Gothic Charm School in which one of the GCS readers inquires as to whether there is a community for more mature goth clothing similar to daily_lolita. When the Lady of Manners shared that she did not know of such a community, this inspired the Goth Educator to create one.

This community exists for the sole purpose of sharing images of our gothy outfits. These should be outfits which you'd feel comfortable wearing in a corporate office or a school setting. The idea is to show how you can get by in the world of work and responsibilities while still expressing yourself successfully. We do have just a few rules:

1. Please do not post anything other than your outfits. Off topic posts will be deleted.

2. Behave. Respect others by speaking kindly and refraining from stealing images and bandwidth.

3. Use an image cut for any image over 500 x 500. It saves space on friends pages. LJ Cut Info

4. Tag your posts with your username. That way, if someone likes your style in one post, they can admire it in others easily.